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News: Quogue Gallery Opens “Lauren Lyons: A Bender of Fiction” |

Quogue Gallery Opens “Lauren Lyons: A Bender of Fiction” November 24

Serving as the launching point for a very promising career with collectors and in galleries, the Quogue Gallery will present “Lauren Lyons: A Bender of Fiction” from November 24 to December 31, featuring 12 large scale provocative photographs from highly stylized shoots that the artist conceived and styled over the course of the past 20 years. The exhibition opening next week represents the first time these photographs are being exhibited formally together in a gallery.

News: NYT Article | “From Doodling on Napkins to Acres of Art” | Hans Van de Bovenkamp

Hans Van de Bovenkamp, “Montauk Sun & Moon Study,” 1986, Painted Steel, 28″ x 36″




From Doodling on Napkins to Acres of Art


Quogue Gallery is delighted that the New York Times has covered the remarkable story of sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp, you can view his work at the following link: Quogue Gallery.

“The Dutch-born sculptor and longtime New Yorker Hans Van de Bovenkamp discovered the artists community on Long Island’s East End when he sold a piece to Edward Albee.

News: Whalebone | Interview | Sand Squad Leader Artist Laura Lobdell

“I was exhibiting SWELL at the Quogue Gallery and on the night of the opening, I was thrilled to talk to so many people, of a range of interests and ages, engaged by the issues SWELL addresses. The dialogue around SWELL was exciting, since the Quogue Gallery creates a community focal point, and the photos document what’s happening very locally on our Hamptons beaches. People were so surprised by the amount of work I could create based on this abundance of debris.”

News: Best Exhibitions on the East End in 2016 | Hamptons Art Hub

Quogue Gallery is pleased to share the news that our exhibition VINCENT PEPI | OVER 50 YEARS OF PAINTING has been selected by Hamptons Art Hub as one of the BestExhibitions on the East End in 2016:

“A stunning chromatic extravaganza from a living link to the Abstract Expressionist movement that made Manhattan the capital of the art world. One in a series of “re-discovery” shows that is making the Quogue Gallery a destination for lovers of AbEx painting.”

News: “5 Must See Booths at Art on Paper”

Quogue Gallery was selected as one of the must-see booths at Art on Paper by artzealous!

The Quogue Gallery is Quogue’s first and only private art gallery, so we knew we had to stop by this booth which was dedicated to showing the works of Arthur Pinajian.

Read the full article on artzealous.

News: Featured in “Framing art: Tips from Long Island gallery owners”


“Art should be presented in a frame that allows it to be the focal point,” says Christy Murray, who, with her husband, Chester, co-owns Quogue Gallery in Quogue, which highlights modern and contemporary art. “The frame should not overshadow the art. It should complement and not compete with the picture, and the framed work should be in harmony with the aesthetic of the room.” Not all framing decisions need to be complicated,

News: “Pinajian Discovery Grows Legs: Never-Before-Seen Work To Show In Quogue”

It was a business proposal that led Thomas Schultz to a modest vacant cottage in the heart of Bellport Village almost 10 years ago. It was his curiosity that drew him to the dilapidated one-car garage behind it. He yanked up the door, but it was jammed, so he shimmied underneath. He blinked hard, adjusting to the low light, focusing on 4-foot-high towers of papers stretching toward the mildew- and mold-infested ceiling. Others had tipped over on their sides,

News: Top Hamptons Shows from 2014

Quogue Gallery is pleased to share that “Raymond Hendler: A Deeper Poetry” was selected by Hamptons Art Hub as one of the top 12 shows in the Hamptons in 2014!

“Raymond Hendler: A Deeper Poetry” at Quogue Gallery

Picked by Pat Rogers

Exhibited: October 3 to November 23, 2014.

Why selected: Historic yet contemporary, the strong painterly aspects of Raymond Hendler’s art struck me hard. So did a sense of gratitude that these paintings were now in the limelight after years of being in shadows.