Art Review: “Arthur Pinajian—An Abstract Expressionist with a Difference”

Quogue Gallery is pleased to share the following excerpt from Hampton Art Hub‘s art review of our current show, ARTHUR PINAJIAN (1914 – 1999) | WORKS ON PAPER, on view through December 31st:

“Before they make a movie out of the Arthur Pinajian story, there is time to contemplate his merits as a painter and thinker in an exuberant exhibition at the Quogue Gallery that focuses on brightly toned works on paper and tosses in a handful of oil paintings for heft. [Pinajian was r]e-discovered a decade ago and presented as a lost voice from the greatest generation of American painting … Kandinsky at his most improvisational is often close at hand when the Abstract Expressionists took watercolor and ink to white paper, no more clearly than in No. 1586, which experiments with color staining within the lozenge forms of 12 floating figures, like biomorphs seen under a microscope.”

“No. 1586” by Arthur Pinajian. Water Color on paper, 18 x 29 inches.