Art Review: “Jay Milder Brings Jubilant Expressionism to Quogue Gallery”

“#19” by Jay Milder, 2014. Oil Sick on Rag Paper, 12 x 18 inches.

Quogue Gallery is pleased to share the following excerpt from Hamptons Art Hub‘s art review of our current show, JAY MILDER I NOAH’S ARK – MANY VIEWS, on view through June 15th: “Through the years, expressionism has often tapped into the tragic vein. The artist Jay Milder, meanwhile, has always gone the other way. His buoyant paintings and works on paper, now brightening the airy Quogue Gallery in “Jay Milder-Noah’s Ark: Many Visions,” is the optimistic antidote to any expressions of anguish, and a reminder that power in painting comes in many forms.”