Robert Remer

  • Robert Remer’s ‘Biophilia’ Exhibition In Quogue Breaks Down Barriers Between Man And Nature, Indoors And Out

    Brendan J. O’Reilly | Southampton Press


    “Biophilia” is a hypothesis, popularized by naturalist E.O. Wilson, that humans have an innate affinity for nature and a tendency to interact with other forms of life.

    To artist and designer Robert Remer, the term speaks to his studio’s practice: merging manmade materials with plants to create furniture, sculpture and wall art.

    Mr. Remer said Monday that examining the relationship between man and nature as a grand narrative has always been an interest of his,

  • Robert Remer: Biophilia



    February 27 to May 31, 2021
    Winter hours: Saturdays and Sundays 10-5


    Quogue Gallery is pleased to present “Biophilia.” Robert Remer’s BIOPHILIC designs incorporate organic shapes into bespoke furniture, planters and sculpture capturing the shifting, yet timeless relationship between humans as nature. His process is a sort of dance with the past and the future, the unfolding of his work mirrors the stages of art history creating works that reveal choreographies between Nature and Civilization.

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